Pabuaran-Ciledug Cirebon Road Badly Damaged, Village Officials Demanded Immediate Repair


INDOWORK.ID, CIREBON: For many years, the road connecting Ciledug Subdistrict with Pabuaran Subdistrict, Cirebon Regency precisely in Pabuaran Wetan Village was badly damaged. In fact, the road is the main access and economic activity of the community. Of course, this condition invites public complaints.

From the observation of INDOWORK.ID who had passed through the road, the hole is quite large and deep. So it can harm road riders. Especially motorcycles and motorcycles that often pass by. There are many people ranging from teenagers, mothers, and fathers who pass through the street.

The roads that suffered severe damage are along the economic path of Pabuaran Lor Village market and Pabuaran Wetan Market. It is estimated that about 800 meters, with these conditions road users experience concerns, especially when it rains.

Road users have to pull over to emper kiosks and surrounding stalls, which are on the edge of the road, it is because road users, especially polluters are worried about being stuck in deep puddles.

Kuwu Pabuaran Wetan Muhammad Machsus, quoted from Cirebon local media, said the damage to type 3C roads in his village was quite severe. “It’s so badly damaged, big holes are everywhere,” he said.

Machsus said the road had been improved. But along with the high intensity of the rain, road damage again occurred.

“There have been improvements, only patching and lifting of holes. Now it’s rainy season and it’s broken again,” he said.

Total improvement according to Machsus has been done by the PUPR Office several years ago. “I forgot what year was clearly about five years ago there has been a total improvement, but yes the soil is still quite unstable so it is again damaged again,”he said.

So, continued Machsus road repair alone is not enough but there must be road repairs using concrete rebates. The condition of the damaged road according to Machsus is not uncommon to cause traffic accidents.

One of the people who crossed the road, Ms. Encum said many fell and there were accidents due to potholes and road damage there. Almost every day there are accidents.

“Many people complain that the road is quite disturbing, because the road connects three markets, namely Pabuaran Market, Pabuaran Vegetable Market, and Ciledug Market, then the road is very often traversed by the community, but if the condition is damaged many people who have difficulty going to the market,” said Encum.

In addition, the lack of minimal Public Street Lighting (PJU) also exacerbates road conditions. INDOWORK.ID who pass through the road at night also can not see clearly the hole in front because of the dark road conditions.

The trigger of the pothole road is because the left and right side of the road does not have drainage, in fact, higher than the road so that if it rains water all collects into the road that eventually the road is quickly damaged, so that the road can be more durable is expected to be developed also adequate drainage.


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